Full House Recruitment Pty Ltd July 2018
Full House Recruitment’s Compliance with the Privacy Act 1988
The points listed below explain how Full House Recruitment is compliant:
a) All confidential / personal information is held for the purpose for which it is collected ( which is the finding of employment for the candidate );
b) Your confidential / personal information is only used and/or disclosed for the primary purpose for which it was collected, for other purposes related to the primary purpose (for example, in order to manage and update a candidate’s Full House Recruitment Account or for internal business and accounting purposes) or where required by law;
c) Candidates are informed that their confidential / personal information may be disclosed to overseas recipients for the purposes of Full House Recruitment’s business and are notified that, by consenting to this overseas disclosure, they accept that Full House Recruitment will not be accountable or liable for any breach of their privacy by an overseas recipient;
d) Candidates are informed about the procedures and avenues that are in place for them to opt out and/or unsubscribe from receiving direct marketing and promotional materials from Full House Recruitment;
e) Candidates may access and/or correct the confidential / personal information that Full House Recruitment collects and holds about them on giving 7 business days written notice to Full House Recruitment;
f) Candidates may make a complaint about any breach of the Privacy Policy or Full House Recruitment’s handling of their personal information. Candidates are informed of Full House Recruitment’s complaint handling procedures and of the other avenues available to them if they are not satisfied with Full House Recruitment’s response to their complaint; and
g) Full House Recruitment takes all reasonable steps to protect confidential / personal information from misuse, loss, or unauthorized disclosure ( including information stored online ).
Full House Recruitment and iProfile:
1. In order to manage the personal information and CVs of candidates that we receive, we use the services of iProfile Pty Ltd, trading as iProfile. We are an iProfile Compatible Organisation;
2. An iProfile Compatible Organisation means an organisation that has been granted a licence by iProfile to use its products and services;
3. We also collect candidate’s personal information for the purpose of creating an iProfile for the candidate. Occasionally, in addition to the parties set out in this Privacy Policy above, we may also collect a candidate’s personal information from iProfile in order to obtain a candidate’s most current information;
4. We may also disclose the candidate’s personal information to iProfile for the purpose of creating an iProfile or for the purpose of updating or managing a candidate’s iProfile;
5. The candidate’s personal information contained in the iProfile may also be shared with other iProfile Compatible Organisations that the candidate has previously provided his/her details to; and
6. By providing its personal information to us, to iProfile, or to any other iProfile Compatible Organisation, the candidate consents to the collection, use and disclosure of its personal information in this manner.

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